About the Practice

Vander Wel, Jacobson & Kim, PLLC provides a wide range of high quality legal services to individuals and businesses throughout Washington. Between its four attorneys, the firm provides comprehensive and effective representation in matters ranging from conflicts and litigation involving real estate, business, trusts and estates to corporate law and business transactions to immigration. Whether you seek to set up a transaction or resolve a dispute, we cover a wide gambit of legal needs.

Trusted Legal Counsel

Our firm encourages its clients to make the proper and prudent business and personal arrangements that will reduce the possibility that their lives will be disrupted with unpleasant surprises, unpredictability or contentious and protracted litigation. The adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” often applies in legal matters. In consulting with our attorneys, you can be assured that we will apply our knowledge and expertise to look out for your best interests. We take the responsibility of understanding, protecting and promoting your interests very seriously. We seek to develop lasting client relationships built upon trust and confidence. Our clients know that we care deeply about their legal needs. With preemptive work, we strive to keep you out of conflict and court.

Strong Legal Advocates

If a dispute arises, our firm has experienced litigation counsel who rigorously defend and advance our clients’ positions. While we always examine the possibility of settlement, we serve as strong advocates for those whose legal problems remain unresolved. We understand that our clients invest in their legal team with the expectation that we will pursue the very best for them within the bounds of the law.

Jurisprudence can be complex and bewildering to those not trained in legal affairs. We do our best to make the law understandable to our clients. Although we cannot guarantee results if your dispute ends up in litigation, rest assured that we will find the best contract provisions and factual and legal arguments to place you in the best legal position in your personal and business matters.

Our greatest satisfaction is having a client who is delighted with our services. We strive for excellence within the parameters of efficient representation and the highest levels of integrity.

Many Legal Practice Areas

Our firm is prepared to take an interdisciplinary approach to our clients’ needs. We handle legal matters in the following practice areas: Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Business Transactions, Closely Held Business, Limited Liability Company Law, Small Business Law, Buying or Selling a Business, Collections, Business Planning, Contracts, Real Estate, Environmental Law, Landlord and Tenant Law, Zoning and Land Use, Business Litigation, Lawsuits, Contested Probates and Trusts, Easements, Boundary Disputes, Condemnations, Succession Planning and Immigration.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas