Immigration Law

Ms. Kim offers complete service to her international business and individual clients with a unique expertise in both corporate/transactional law and immigration law.

Immigration Law Group

The increasingly global nature of business has contributed to a growing movement of people and investment from country to country; careful planning and professional assistance are needed to ensure that these international moves take place smoothly. Our Immigration Law Group offers legal representation to a wide range of clients, including corporate human resource departments, foreign investors, and other high net-worth individuals.

Immigration Law for Many Industries

Ms. Kim has 22 years of experience in both business and family immigration law. Ms. Kim has represented clients in industries such as high-tech, accounting, food service, engineering, health, construction, architecture, airlines, art/entertainment and sports. Our firm has had extensive representation at numerous consular posts and US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

She is very creative and detail-oriented in choosing the optimal immigration path for businesses and individuals and plans for their long-term goals. Hence, the majority of her clients remain as her clients for several years.

Recently, she has successfully represented many Taekwondo masters acquire P-1 Athlete visas, P-3 Culturally Unique Entertainer/Artist Visas, H-1B visas, O visas and green cards through employment with Taekwondo schools.

Non-Immigrant Visas

Ms. Kim has helped many clients get non-immigrant visas such as H1-B & NAFTA visas, J visas, intra-company transfer L VISAS and O & P visas. Our firm has a specialty practice area in E visas such as E-1 and E-2 visas as well. She also can help businesses set up entities such as C or S corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships according to their needs and purposes. She can also do escrow work for the acquisitions of existing businesses. She offers the ease of “one-stop” services for those international businesses.

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Business Immigration

Ms. Kim assists businesses navigate the complexities of U.S. immigration law – green cards, work visas, labor certification, Employment-Based Immigration. Ms. Kim has many years of experience representing multinational managers/executives, individuals with extraordinary ability, outstanding professionals/researchers, skilled workers and non-skilled workers obtain green cards.

Investment/Entrepreneur Visas

Ms. Kim has a great deal of experience obtaining non-immigrant and immigrant visas for investors/entrepreneurs. E-2 visas are the non-immigrant visas for investors who acquire existing businesses or start their new own businesses. EB-5 visas are for entrepreneurs who mostly start their own new commercial enterprises creating employment. Both visas require expertise in business immigration law and corporate structuring. Ms. Kim has such expertise. To note, Ms. Kim has acquired many family businesses acquire E-2 visas for multiple executives and their families.

Family-Based Immigration

Ms. Kim has been able to reunite many families. She can help to navigate through the complex process of retaining family-based green cards. In many occasions, in planning for long-term immigration services, one needs to consider many different options including employment-based, family-based or sometimes, a combination of both. She has the experience and expertise to utilize the best methods for different needs of families.


Ms. Kim has assisted many individuals naturalize. With the modern-day globalization and individuals spending much time abroad after obtaining their green cards, one has to plan the path of getting citizenship with forward-thinking. Ms. Kim has the expertise from assisting many such families and successfully guided them into fulfilling the last step of the American Dream.