Real Estate Law

A real estate lawyer must be knowledgeable in many different areas. To properly assist property owners, a real estate attorney must understand the complexities of property ownership, rights and uses.

Real Estate Transactions

Our real estate lawyers handle various transactions. These include buying and selling real property, evaluating encumbrances, restrictions and liens placed upon properties and crafting provisions that comprehensively protect our clients’ interests. We work with surveyors, title companies, and escrow companies to afford you the best result possible.

Real estate law has its own unique set of words and concepts to describe property interests and conveyances. Our real estate lawyers are familiar with these, including deeds of trust, encumbrances, preliminary title commitments, exemptions from excise tax, adverse possession, prescriptive easements, plats, senior and junior lienholders, homestead exemptions, transfer-on-death deeds and deeds in lieu of foreclosure.

Real estate lawyers frequently work with governmental agencies and personnel. These include county recorders’ offices (also known as auditors’ offices) and county assessors’ offices. They sometimes also include county departments for planning, zoning, excise tax and archives.

Real Estate Assets

For many people, real estate represents the bulk of their wealth. Property owners should use good real estate lawyers to protect their interest in what are generally illiquid assets. As owners of and investors in real estate ourselves, our firm’s real estate lawyers are well suited to understand the unique concerns and challenges real property presents.

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Real Estate Disputes

Unfortunately, disputes periodically develop that require the assistance of a real estate litigation lawyer. Our real estate lawyers have extensive real estate and land use litigation experience. This experience includes disputes involving real estate uses, transactions, boundary lines, easements, restrictive covenants (CC&Rs), adverse possession, zoning, code enforcements and real estate agents. In fact, Mr. Vander Wel’s law practice was almost exclusively in land use for four of his earliest years as an attorney.

Boundary disputes between neighbors can be particularly contentious. We have settled many such disputes, but have also successfully brought many through trials.

Real Estate Representation

Over the years, our real estate lawyers have assisted clients through the boom and bust years of real estate. Although we do not serve as an escrow company, we regularly assist those who buy, develop and sell real estate. Our real estate lawyers help clients who seek to build on raw land as well as those who seek to improve or replace existing structures. We also assist clients who face property management challenges. When debts become delinquent, our real estate lawyers can advise and assist creditors and debtors alike in working out amicable solutions as well as address foreclosures.