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Vander Wel, Jacobson, & Kim, PLLC is prepared to provide you with a wide range of high-quality legal services throughout the State of Washington. Between its four attorneys, our firm provides representation in matters ranging from litigation involving real estate, business, trusts and estates to corporate law and business transactions to immigration. Our firm has experienced litigation counsel who rigorously defend our clients’ positions. Our greatest satisfaction is having a client who is delighted with our services. We strive for excellence within the parameters of effective representation and the highest levels of integrity.

W. Theodore Vander Wel | Vander Wel Jacobson & Kim Law

W. Theodore Vander Wel

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Theo’s litigation practice focuses on addressing issues and resolving conflicts involving real estate, business, estates and trusts, which occurs in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and court.

Gary E. Jacobson | Vander Wel Jacobson & Kim Law

Gary E. Jacobson


Gary’s practice emphasizes business mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, related corporate and partnership law, LLCs, and real estate transactions.

S. Isabella Kim | Vander Wel Jacobson & Kim Law

S. Isabella Kim


Ms. Kim offers a complete service to her international business and individual clients with expertise in both corporate and transaction law and immigration law.

Ryan M. Yoke | Vander Wel Jacobson & Kim Law

Ryan S. Yoke


Ryan’s law practice focuses on questions and disputes involving trusts, estates, real estate and business. He has represented many clients in a broad spectrum of legal matters.

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